RIOULT Dance NY has had a robust dance education program for many years supporting the belief that dance belongs to everyone, and that everyone can dance. Research shows that dance training maximizes brain function, and improves attention span and cognition.  

RIOULT’s dance classes for children not only instill sound technique but also guide them through the creative process of making their own dances — cooperating as a group, and contributing their own ideas and movement. This approach establishes a greater sense of ownership and pride in one’s work.

Studying in the presence of professional dancers will greatly enhance the educational environment at The School.  Students will see dancers at work and in the hallways; every day the excitement of the theater will be within arms’ reach.

The Company’s passion for education has always been at the core of its work. For the last 20 years the DanceREACH program has made an indelible impact on generations of NYC school children.

“Thank you for sharing your world of dance with my daughter. Her  world has now opened up to dream bigger dreams. I hope that she will take what you have taught her and grow to her highest potential. Your dancers are truly gifted at their profession.”     — M. Hailey, Parent


True to Pascal Rioult and Joyce Herring’s common dance heritage, The Center will house a conservatory that has deep roots in the modern and classical techniques that have been proven to develop strong, capable dancers.

Geared for advanced dancers on a performance career track, The Conservatory will offer a rigorous, performance-based, curriculum of dance technique, repertory, and composition, as well as courses in theater, music, production, and the visual arts.

This concentrated program will prepare students to become more than dancers.  They will become global citizens who can communicate thoughtfully, intelligently, and clearly through their art.

Through the Conservatory at RIOULT Dance Center and its students, the legacy of Pascal Rioult will live on.

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven  into the lives of others.”   

                                                                                       — Pericles

RIOULT Dance Center will become a destination for professional dancers, choreographers, dance students in every stage of their careers, and dance companies in need of affordable rehearsal and performing space.

The Center will facilitate the development of new work, innovation, experimentation, fresh new ideas, and provide a public stage. 

Among dance companies in NYC “almost half do not have consistent workspace, and only ‘sometimes’ do they have access to the types of space they need” according to a recent study by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.1 There remains a critical lack of suitable studio space in spite of the successes of the CUNY Dance Initiative and other recent studio expansions. In creating RIOULT Dance Center we have the opportunity to help remedy this situation for ourselves and other dance organizations.

RIOULT Dance NY is committed to serving as a nexus within the dance ecosystem of New York, to ensure the city and its boroughs remain a destination for dance and performance art.

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